Vivian B.
“I made an appointment with Dr. Kristina Nielsen several months ago and am eager to share my experience with anyone who is dealing with pain. The aches and pains of arthritis, plus that I have a tendency to fall down (Hard) sometimes or move a piece of furniture that most girls would never consider, my shoulder hurt so bad I knew it was time to seek relief.  I work in very public retail setting and most of my clients had witnessed my struggle to walk, hiding the pain was not an option. A dear friend Christina S. mentioned her chiropractor practiced in the building I work in and suggested I give her a call. What a blessing meeting Kristina has turned out to be. Her knowledge is amazing (growing up with both parents in the Biz). she listens and is wise beyond her years. We’ve shared laughs as well as tears.  It took several weeks for the tension in my back and neck to relax . The day I was able to just let go and not tense up as she positioned my head for an adjustment I will remember forever. It was instant…the noise of the bones popping, then at that exact moment I felt tears well up in my eyes, I didn’t want to say anything but I couldn’t hold back the emotion. The ringing in my ears is gone I said to myself and I listened and yeah it was gone. I just looked at Kristina and through the crying was able to tell her what she had just done to me…we both cried. This is something I had suffered from for ten years. So I guess what I’m really trying to convey here is this Dr. is amazing! Don’t look any further she will help you in so many ways. With respect and Love, thank you.”

Jory S.
“I have never doubted the healing powers of chiropractic heath adjustments! However, Dr Nielsen standards on that matter are so much higher! She has treated my back pain with the most upright professionalism that anyone could offer! I have never felt better!”

Max M.
“Dr. Nielsen is the only Chiropractor who can get my upper ribs and lower neck adjusted right. She’s a nice person with a great sense of humor and an infectious laugh. Always feel better after a treatment.”

Jay M.
“Dr. Nielsen is an amazing person with a heart as big as Texas. She loves her patients and loves her career, which is why she’s the perfect fit for anyone who can receive help through conservative care. With a gentle touch, a healing heart, and a sharp mind, I’d recommend her to anyone in need.”

Jessica H.
“Dr. Nielsen is very knowledgable, professional, and personable. She is a highly skilled and passionate chiropractor. She will take the time to ask questions and listen to what you have experienced and what you are feeling. I love knowing that my spine is in good hands when I see Dr. Nielsen. If you are looking for a new chiropractor, I highly recommend Dr. Nielsen!”

Chris H.
“Dr. Kristina Nielsen is a 3rd generation Chiropractor that believes in the old school ideals of working with her patients to correct the problems, not just treating them. She has successfully adjusted my neck several times, which apparently is difficult as only three other Chiropractors have been able to do it. She then followed that up with suggestions that would minimize the chance of repeat injury.
If you are doubtful about Chiropractic, make an appointment with her and you’ll walk out feeling much better (and not just about Chiropractic).”

Jaime S.
“After being adjusted by Dr. Nielsen I never doubted the benefits of chiropractic therapy again! I work outdoors, lead an active lifestyle, and put a lot of general wear and tear on my body and Dr. Nielsen had helped me take care of myself so I can continue to do what I love. Her education, experience, and personality make her a true delight and she has opened my mind (and spine) to how well I can truly care for my body. I’m extremely grateful that I have used her service and I tell all of my friends as a result.”

Shaleesa M.
“Kristina has adjusted myself, my husband, and my 1 year old. She is one of the best chiropractors I have been to! She is thorough, friendly, and effective. We see results quickly with her, unlike some places which want you to come back over and over for the rest of your life. Kristina is an honest and amazing gal and I trust her with my entire family!!”

Connor M.
“In the past few months, I found myself having difficulty sleeping due to severe neck and back pain. I started getting adjustments done by Dr. Kristina and immediately found relief and improvements in the quality of my sleep and everyday life. We are still working to fix the core root of the problem (I wasn’t taking care of my body in my previous career and currently as a student), but Kristina offers helpful tips and exercises I can do at home to strengthen my body and get it back to working normal. I would highly recommend any workers of manual labor jobs, students, or those suffering from pain, to schedule a visit!”

Karen B.
“Dr. Kristina is so good at what she does! She is very knowledgeable. Makes sure to ask a lot of questions before recommending any treatments or adjustments! Definitely someone I recommend to family and friends when asked if I know a good chiropractor in Spokane!”

Stephanie B.
“Dr. Nielsen is incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about chiropractic, which makes it a pleasure to be adjusted and cared for by her. It is obvious that she grew up in a family of chiropractors, given her skill level so early in her career. Her philosophy of correcting the root cause of one’s problems versus treating only the painful area is ideal given the silent nature of so many conditions. I love knowing that my spine and nervous system is being taken good care of and that I will still be able to do the things I love for years to come. I would highly recommend Dr. Nielsen to anyone looking for an awesome chiropractor!”

Chris H.
“I’ve been seeing Dr. Blake Nielsen for many years and have always walked out feeling incredible, even on the rare occasions where I’d thrown my back out so far that I could barely breath. I’m happy to see that his daughter (a third generation Chiropractor!), has joined his practice. I know that I’ll receive the same quality of treatment, and respect, regardless of which Dr. Nielsen is helping me.”